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On 7/10/2019, 16:20:10, quattro said:

Not realy understood who is BI specialist. 

From what I see and speaking with my friends, it's super hard to reach 70K and up as a developer. (In Munich)

A lot of my skilled friends had interviews but everything stopped at 65K, companies are not willing to pay more. Some of friends were good frontend developers with excelent Angular or React experience. Almost all of them left Germany to their home countries later because of a good oportunities and nice salaries. 

Business intelligence specialist (mainly SAP core, BO development etc...)


Well yes if you are a JS programmer or simpler frontend developer 65k are a lot over the average...if you are cloud specialist, taking care of Kubernetes clusters , finding solution by using BIg Data ecosystem, running ML on Databricks Cluster, maybe writing in Scala some fancy functions for using flink...Well believe me:120k are not so much to ask 


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