Exchanging an English driving licence for a German one

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Incase anyone else is in my situation...ie. owns a British license, wants to drive legally in Germany while at the same time keep a car in the UK...


Miles and Weshare have indicated they'll no longer accept a GB license for car sharing after June, and they don't accept international driving licenses either.


However, it seems now that my UK insurance company will be fine with an EU license going forwards (despite claiming they couldn't before). I checked with a different company and they also seemed fine with it.

Furthermore I won't lose my no claims discount - particularly important for me as it's more than 20 years! Apparently this is not linked to the license.


More importantly, as far as I can tell, UK gov doesn't require that the EU license is switched to a UK one after 12 months. Again this seems to contradict the information they were putting out last year, unless I'm confused (which is quite possible).


So it looks like I have until the end of June to swap the UK license for a German one. And then just hope for the best that everything still works in the UK..


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