Fund taxation in 2018 and "fiktive Veräußerung"

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Dear All,

I have also just spent a good percentage of time trying to get my data sorted for the Anlage-KAP-INV.  I have now added it into Elster, and I keep getting the error that due to technical problems, the Steuerberechnung is not possible.  It is fine before I add the Anlage-KAP-INV, and I have even tried with the most simple entries in this form, but I always get the same problem.  Does anyone else have the same issue?  There are no issues detected by Elster when I do the "Prüfung".  Is there any field that I need to be aware of that triggers this?  I want to see the calculation before I submit the return.  Regards


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Hi all,


I just want to confirm one point: all information I see regarding this topic says nothing about funds that were also paid into during 2018. What I assume is:


* 100 units of X Fund held on 1.1.2018

* 50 units purchased throughout the year

* I assume you would calculate the increase in value based on the 100 units you held at the beginning of the year


i.e. those new units don't factor in until the following year. This of course seems like the only thing that would make any sense (or be fair). But it would be great if someone could confirm this.





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