How long can I be written off sick to prevent further miscarriages?

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Hi all,


I had already 3 miscarriages and I think in the next pregnancy my doctor would like me to stay at home. 2 miscarriages happened in the 11 week (the doctor couldn’t find the Pulse anymore and I had surgeries). The 3rd one happened naturally. I guess next pregnancy, the doctor will ask me to take “bed rest”. My questions -

1. How long can I take it? If the doctor wants me to stay at home 5 months, can I stay that long?

2. Is it unpaid or 65% of the salary? 

3. What are my benefits in that case? 




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My deepest condolences for your losses.  If your doctor writes you off for 5 months, then yes - you can get off work for that amount of time.   I'm not an expert, so please check this with your employer's personnel office and/or your health insurer (public insurance websites offer info about "Krankengeld"; you can call them, too - if you're gesetzlich versichert, that is).  But here's what I know from my own experience a few years ago. I was written off by my doctor for 3 months, which eventually was extended to 6 months.  For the first 6 weeks I was written off of work by my doctor, my employer paid my full salary.  (My employer also required that I get a second opinion from the Betriebsarzt to confirm the diagnosis and claim that I shouldn't/couldn't work)  After the first 6 weeks, my employer stopped paying.  From that point on, my (gesetzliche) Krankenversicherung issued Krankengeld, which I think was even more than 65% of my salary - I think the exact % depends on whether you have dependents, etc. - but that's also something to ask your insurer about. There seem to be a lot of online "Krankengeld-Rechner" around, so you could use one of those to estimate what you'd get.  Note that this set-up of full salary for the first 6 weeks of disability/illness plus Krankengeld afterward only works out that way if it's the same diagnosis of disability/illness all the way through.  If you are out for 6 weeks, then return to work for even one day, then are registered as unable to work again, the clock begins again with the first 6 weeks paid for by the employer.  It might even be true if the diagnosis/reason for inability to work changes, too, but I'm not 100% sure about that.  There are benefits associated with Krankengeld eligibility, too - IIRC, it's kind of like being in receipt of unemployment benefit in that your health insurance gets covered without you having to pay contributions.  The Krankenkasse websites probably have details on them.  If you don't have public health insurance, you'll be in for something of a raw deal when it comes to this stuff.  I don't think private insurance companies offer Krankengeld at all.  


One last tip: If you do become pregnant, get put on bed rest at home, and have public health insurance, ask your insurer if they will cover a Haushaltshilfe - basically a housekeeper for a specific number of hours a week who can help keep you/your household going. They will want to know who else lives in your household, and whether any of those people can (theoretically) prepare meals for you, shop, and replace the empty toilet paper rolls when necessary.  If your household includes only adults (i.e. you and your partner), they may not support an application for Haushaltshilfe.  OTOH, if your partner travels a lot or cannot be home in the evenings or on weekends due to work or other family commitments, they may well approve your request and pay the service (or individual) of your choice to help you actually rest and stay healthy when it counts the most.


Good luck!


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I was a late prima partes high-risk pregnant lady and was written off from week 13 having had contractions and knowing I had only one shot (took me decades to get pregnant by which time it was almost too late...). I confirm that what liebling says above concerning payments is how it happened in my case. Good luck with your next pregnancy.


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