Documents not transferred from Frankfurt Ausländerbehörde to other ABH

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6 hours ago, minib said:

My boyfriend just got fired from his job and his work permit was tied to the employer.


6 hours ago, minib said:

Also asking  @engelchen here, if you know if he could just work somewhere else (even a minijob would be fine) just to sustain himself meanwhile? Otherwise the money will run out quickly.. :(




If his work permit is tied to his employer, he needs a skilled job and a new permit to work if he has been here less than 2 years. Furthermore, if he has not even paid 12 month of unemployment insurance contributions, he is not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.


If he doesn't have sufficient funds to support himself and can't borrow enough from you or someone else, he should consider making plans to go home before he runs out of funds.


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