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Hello all!


The Toytown squash league has been running for years, but we are always looking for new, enthusiastic players! There are approximately 15-20 players from many different countries and there is a range of playing experience. 


Here are a few details:


  • there are no set game/meeting times. Each month, there are normally three leagues (sometimes 4), from 1 (experienced players) to 3 (beginner players), and each player is a member of one league.
  • each player then contacts the other players in his/her league to arrange games. 
  • the games are played at Park Club Nymphenburg, Racket-Park Haar, Soccerworld München, SPORTS4you, and others (whatever is convenient for you and your partner).
  • depending on the number of games you play, and how many you win, you can move up to the next highest league at the end of the month.
  • it's free! (well, you have to pay for the court).
We are a friendly group and we would be happy to meet you and play some squash with you!
If you are interested, send me an email or call or send a WhatsApp!
0176 2283 6154

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Hello all,


Annual update: still running and always looking for new squash players! Located in Munich / München!


Contact info still the same!



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