Nosey busybody neighbor - how to avoid disclosing personal details?

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Ok, admittedly the thread title sounds a bit suspicious, but this is not the case. My previous posts should attest to that.


Long story short. Our building is owned by different landlords. Not my landlord, but the one in question lives in the building with us. Our relationship started off stormy, cooled to luke warm, and is now probably in the best place it could be. But I keep myself at arms length from them, and my bruised ego and gut instinct is to remain wary. Even my landlord comments on their busybody ways...


Anyway, the busybody's other tenant (who I get on well with) now also has a sat dish. Both ours lost signal together, and I said I'd pay half the costs since they were ordering a tech guy anyway, and the tech guy could do both our dishes together. It turns out the tech guy is someone the busybody uses for other jobs.


Cost, I hear you cry. What am I up to??? Something dodgy??? Nope. Genuinely not at all. If it all goes through the nice tenant, I'm fine via bank transfer or cash in hand, either way I couldn't care less.


The problem is, if their busybody landlord decides to poke their nose into things and decide they will offer a "service" of administering things for their tenant, to give themselves a little job to keep them occupied. I'd like to nip that in the bud before it can steer in that direction.


I could end up having to uberweis busybody my part of the costs, and I really don't want to volunteer my bank info to them. I wouldn't put it past them to have "snooping files" in leverarch on every person within a 100m radius, just salivating at the day they can whip out their files and accost whoever has the misfortune to cross their path.


I will freely admit I may be overthinking this to the nth degree. But, I'd still appreciate advice nonetheless. I was thinking of telling the tech guy to split the bill and send my half to me, and then busybody doesn't get a look in. Or does that complicate things?


Silly me, I should have just individually ordered a tech guy for myself, and then I wouldn't have put myself in this predicament... Maybe I just need to have a cocktail and chill :-)


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1 hour ago, paulwork said:

I will freely admit I may be overthinking this to the nth degree.


just need to have a cocktail and chill :-)


Seems you answered your own question.  ;)


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