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Hello Toytown world,

I'm Alice, and I'm looking for occasional Babysitting work in Hamburg.


A bit about me:
I've been living in Hamburg for 5 years, fluent in German (as much as that's possible) and living in St Pauli. I'm originally from the south of England. I'm 29 years old and have recently started training to be a midwife here in Hamburg.


My experience in childcare:
2011: Worked as a full-time Nanny for 2-year old twins in Brighton, UK

2012 - 2015: Worked as a part-time Nanny for a family of 3 in Rissen, Hamburg (ages 5 and 9 when I started...)

2015-2017: Worked as a part-time Babysitter for various expat families in Hamburg (a two.year old and his 2-month-old sister, and a 10-month old)

2017: Started training as a midwife. My training includes lots of newborn baby handling, care, health, first-aid.


My availability:
This will have to be discussed, as my training is divided into blocks where I'm either at school, or training in the hospital. When I'm in the hospital I work to a shift-plan, so my hours are irregular. When I'm at school I'm usually finished by 3 pm and have all weekends off.

How I can essentially imagine this working, is that you get in touch when you need a babysitter, and I'll confirm with my schedule. It sounds more complicated than it is- I think it'll be quite manageable


What to expect:
A mature, responsible, and experienced child-carer. I'm happy to work evenings, also on the weekends, if you're going out to dinner/the cinema/ something else nice. I'm afraid I'm not able to do pick-ups/drop-offs, and would expect to be working at your home, no further than a 20 minute SBahn/bus ride from Sankt Pauli. The distinction between Nanny and Babysitter is here quite relevant: I'm happy to be responsible for puting the kids to bed/ bathtimes/ story-time etc, but I will not jump in to household chores/ tasks which are not directly related to the wellbeing and entertainment of the kids! 
I'm open to working with families from all backgrounds, and kids of all ages.
I would expect compensation of 12-15€/hour depending on regularity, number of children, hours worked (e.g. overnight). The average hourly rate for a babysitter in Hamburg is €14/hour (info from Betreut.de)


If you're interested in getting to know each other, I'd love to hear from you. An email with basic info (which part of town you live, how many kids you have, their ages, a little bit about the family, when you'd need a babysitter...) would be great so we don't waste time, then I'd like to speak on the phone and if that goes well meet in person for an initial get-to-know meet up.

If that all sounds good, drop me a line!



All the best,




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