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Hello all.


You can call me Nina.
I'm 51 years of age and I come from Portugal. (earth's food paradise) ;)
Not wanting to sound full of myself, but it's the opinion of many tourists that visit Portugal every year.

Countless Germans included :)

Thanks for visiting. :P


I've been living in Frankfurt for a while now and I've realised there is no good restaurant/service that provides true high quality Portuguese food.


For that reason, and because I love cooking and baking I've decided to have a go and provide that myself.


And since we live in a cold country, there is nothing like a proper cake packed with vitamins provided by fresh ingredients (pineapple, coconut, oranges,etc).

I disavow any kind of prepacked ingredient mix that seems very common even in the (best) pastry shops.


If everything goes according to plan my next step will be to go legitimate and open my business. But let's start slowly shall we?


This isn't a final list but it should provide an enough assortment for the time being.


The *sweets* I provide are:


- Camel's Drool (baba de Camelo), despite the name it's a typical Portuguese sweet, very tasty with a creamy texture. 
Made with: condensed milk and eggs.


- Wafer Cake (bolo de bolacha).
Made with: bolacha maria (Portuguese cookies), coffee and cream.


- Chocolate Salami.
Made with: chocolate and bolacha maria.


- Pineapple Bavaroise
Made with: condensed milk, pineapple, cream and gelatine.


- Chocolate Charlotte.
Made with: chocolate, porto wine and lady fingers/little fingers (not to be confused with little finger fingers, if you know what I mean)


- Rolled Orange Cake.
Made with: well.. Oranges, eggs and obviously sugar.


- Carrot and Orange Cake with Chocolate cover.
Made with: oranges, carrots and chocolate.


- Prestige Cake
Made with: chocolate and coconut.


- Pineapple Cake
Made with: sponge cake, Pineapple and a delicious eggs mixture that I have no translation for (ovos moles) :)


- Puddings
  - orange
  - black tea 
  - egg 


- Chocolate Brigadier, little round sweets made with chocolate and condensed milk.
I can sell them all chocolate or a mixture of various other ingredients like coconut, porto wine, ginja, hazelnut etc..




- Rissole


- croquette


- Mini chicken pies


- Folar de valpaços (you really have to look it up). It's a sort of big bread stuffed with various types of meats. Needless to say, delicious.


To order and ask about prices or simply ask me something about the various offers, please email me at


All orders will be delivered to you directly.


Hand made with love <3


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