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Hi Expats!


Bremen will be having a new theatre. The Bremen English Theatre, or BET, is celebrating its debut this late October. Its prelude touches a relevant and current topic: the use of military drones. The powerful, touching and necessary solo-drama GROUNDED, by George Brant, will be the very first performance of the Bremen English Theatre and is taking place in close cooperation with the AMS! -Impro Theater. 


The Play
Seamlessly blending the personal and the political, GROUNDED tells the story of a hot-rod F16 fighter pilot whose unexpected pregnancy ends her career in the sky. On returning from maternity leave, she’s co-opted into “the chair force” as a reluctant drone operator. “I stare at grey,” she says glumly; 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Repurposed to flying remote-controlled drones in the Middle East from an air-conditioned trailer near Vegas, the Pilot struggles through surreal twelve-hour shifts far from the battlefield, hunting terrorists by day and being a wife and mother by night. The play delivers a ferocious climax, as the pilot’s state of mind unravels. A tour de force play for one actress, GROUNDED flies from the heights of lyricism to the shallows of workaday existence, targeting our assumptions about war, family, and the power of storytelling.


The Team:
The US-american actress, director, choreographer, author and now BET-founder, Linnea George, leads this exciting solo-show in the role of the pilot. Guided by Markus Herlyn, a director inspired by this long-term education with outstanding teachers, mostly from Russia. This truly international team is complemented with Aidan Boyle, an Irish sound and light designer and Maria Juliana Diaz, a Colombian production and marketing manager. The US-american author George Brant supports us from the distance, from the U.S.


Most important:

  • Opening of the Bremen English Theatre
  • Powerful and relevant Drama GROUNDED (One-Woman-Show)
  • In cooperation with AMS!-Impro Theater 
  • Five performances end October / begin November @AMS!-Impro Theater (Fehrfeld 26, 28203, Bremen)
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Ohhh!! YES! Thanks for poiting out that glitch!

Noember 1st and November 3rd.


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Hi all!


The show is coming up fast!


This week we got posters and more flyers! If you want to print some to give them to your friends or hang them up in your office, you can download them here:





(sorry for the long URLs)


We also have a trailer!


Hope to see you there!


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