Transferring/Recognition of Paragliding license in Germany

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Hello everyone :)


Has anyone gone through the process of transferring his/her paragliding license in Germany?

I've read this useful info here: and contacted the DHV, however they are not answering to my emails. I wrote first in English, and then after not receiving an email wrote again in German at 2 different email addresses...  three weeks later, still nothing. I'll be trying the phone next but I wanted to check here first for some wisdom :)  


If anyone has gone through the process, I would really appreciate it if you could share you experience and offer some guidance. 


I am flying since 2014 and I'm currently holding the ParaPro5 license (from both the national aero club & FAI). I'm also insured until mid 2018.


Here's what the DHV is saying about holders of IPPI 5:


Simplified training/exam for holders of an IPPI-Card Level 4
· The pilot has to perform a flight at a DHV-approved flight school to assess his or her practical skills


Simplified training/exam for holders of an IPPI-Card Level 5

The DHV issues IPPI-Card Level 5- holders the B-Lizenz if they pass the simplified training/exam for holders of IPPI-Cards Level 4 as well as the exam in German and Austrian air law (for B-Lizenz). Furthermore, they have to provide proof of a cross-country flight of a distance of at least 10 km. 

I can do a simple exam and flight if needed. I also have a recent flight on record that's over 10km. So do I simply show up at a training school?


On that note, is anyone flying around the Dusseldorf area? I've seen that Neuss has a winch, and a flight school. I'll be visiting them to research further.

I've also found one tiny start at "Sophienhöhe" that I plan on flying if they have cleared the cut bushes from the start...






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Just FYI for anyone that might be interested one day:


Skip DHV as they are useless (no reply for over 1 month), and go straight to a paragliding school. They will do the examination (practical & theory)  to evaluate your skills, and give you the new license.

Even though the school that I contacted speaks only German, they are going to provide the English version of the examination. Cheers


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