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I've search the forum here and online, hopefully I am not mistaken, but I cannot seem to find much information for existing HIV patients. All I find is where to have hiv tests etc but what I am looking for is an HIV clinic or Doctor. I recently moved from the UK where I would go to a dedicated HIV clinic for check-ups and medication supply. If I understand correctly, the system here doesn't work like that? Do I need to find just any doctor to get my medication and have bloods taken? It seems a bit strange not to have a dedicated place just for HIV where doctors are specialised.


In any case I just don't know where to go to get my medication but also I would like to find out about good doctors/praxis that provide a bit more help for HIV patients. Maybe it's the way I am searching but I cannot find any clinics, let along any reviews. It's a sensitive subject for me and hard to just go to anyone for this, I would like to trust the clinic I go to and hence why I would like to know more before I venture.


Any information is welcome!


Thank you




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Hi @twois - my GP Dr  Cordes offers HIV support  and is excellent in English as is most of her receptionist team.  If they do not have what you need I am sure they would head you in the right direction.


ps edit - I have been visiting Dr Cordes for several years and can highly recommend her sensitivity and honesty, I am not experienced in HIV but I have heard others say her services in that area are very good


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