First visit to a Doctor with Health insurance card

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So, we already have a health insurance card and now due to some issue, we want to visit a doctor, 


if this is your case, then read further... because this was my experience


firstly, the medical system here is different, its more like getting directions to your destination.


example,, if you have a skin allergy(as in my case) its better if you first visit a  Hausarzt (general physician) who would then see your condition and recommend you to the next Dr.


I was on business travel to Berlin when i developed a rash on my skin and it was pretty bad, i googled a few doctors in Berlin but was unsure what to do as this was my first time and almost all of them didn't speak any English(the assistants generally answer the call and they are not good English speakers)

After about 20 calls to the numbers, i found one who spoke English and i asked if i can come by to see the dr, they said they open at 3 pm, so I was there are the moment you step in, they ask for your insurance card, give it to the assistant and they ask you to wait.(in case you didn't have an appointment)


after waiting for about 45 min to 1 hr, the Dr then personally come to receive you from the waiting area and take you in the consulting room. then begins the discussions and he first prescribed me a cream (gives you a piece of paper with the name of the cream)and also said that its better if i consult with a dermatologist, he then gave a referral card and details of the dermatologist after that we had a couple of jokes exchanged(all in all, a very pleasant experience) 


i then left and went to the pharmacy(apotheke) and handed the prescription given to me by the Dr,  the lady gave me the cream and I had to pay Eur 5.00,(almost for all medicines we pay the same amount as we are insured)


I then took the cream and immediately walked to the dermatologist(the location was very close to this doctor) 


On reaching the dermatologist, there was the same setup, 


they ask for the card and the referel document from the Hausarzt,hand them over and wait for your turn,


I had to wait for about 40 minutes again and then i  was called and examined and this Dr prescribed a more powerfull cream and gave me a  new prescription.

I then took this to the pharmacy and they said that they have to mix this cream and it would take about 1 day, they took the prescription and handed me a green slip(an acknowledgement) and asked me to come the next day and collect the cream.


The next day i went and collected the cream and its been a week now, i am fully recovered and happy.


All in all,, the moral is simple, be good and you will find good people.

 dont get frustrated



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This is standard procedure here.

May seem long winded but when I look at how my parents treatment goes at their doctor, the system here *seems* to work better.


it could also be as funding for health here is not general taxation and does not go in to a big pot where it could be used for other purposes (at least that is what I was told).


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In case you want to know: your prescription co-pay is 10%, minimum 5 euro and maximum 10 euro.


Basically, for all medicines under 50 euro you pay 5 euro, for all medicines over 100 euro you pay 10 euro, everything in between is 10% of the price. There is also income dependent maximum amount you pay for the medicines monthly, but I hope you will never need to know about it.


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My wife went to the doctor yesterday and he prescribed her 4 type of medicines. She just went to the nearest pharmacy, showed them the prescriptions and came out with the medicines and a 75€ receipt.


How is this then possible?


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