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I have a question regarding monthly VAT statement for freelancers and I would be extremely thankful if someone can help me.

I have clients from outside Germany, withing EU as well as from US etc. I'm not sure where in the monthly VAT statement I should provide information about this income as I don't need to charge VAT in those two cases (EU is reverse VAT for example), Could anyone tell me how I should declare this income in monthly VAT statement? I cannot find which part of the form is talking about this kind of situation.


Thank you for all information!



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Hi Gosia, there is info about this or better resources in the finance thread - as I know I asked about this question ages ago :D

line 42, field 45.


was the answer I received and although I dont do monthly but quarterly reporting I assume it is the same but not 100% sure - but you will get more response posting in the finance thread.


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