Front licence plate has disappeared or been stolen

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Here is my costings and experience today...


I went to the Car registration office and simply told them that the Number plate is missing from my car and I dont know where it is...!


No Problem, we need to completly re-register  it


Re registration... Green Plackette, Letter to infor the police, Call to local Rathaus to confirm that I actually live at the adress...   Cost.... 85€


New set of plates...38€


So... I didnt need to get an "EVB" from my insurance as non of my personal details have changed and the VIN number of the registered car rmains the same!


They will inform my insurance of the change... BUT as a precaution, I have also informed them!


Best part of 125€ and 3hrs removed from my Life!


Hope this helps someone


Doccuments needed..


KFZ Part 1 and Part 2

Old insurance policy and or EVB...


Einwohner bestadigung or residence permit or some official correspondance ie Tax office or utillity bill


























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