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Recently I noticed a bulletin board for advertising at my local supermarket. I picked up one of their slips so I can sell some stuff. On the slip you can tick 'I'm selling' or 'I'm seeking'. 

Anyway I posted my slip on the bulletin board board along with some pictures on one page only to see that it has been taken down on my next shopping visit. Can someone tell me why? I don't speak German or else I would have asked a member of staff. Did I have to get permission before posting? There were other ads with exact format to mine so I don't think there is a problem with the format. Thanks 


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I've no idea why it was removed or by whom.


We could speculate about that...


for example its possible it was removed by another customer either because they were interested in your item/s or they had some ulterior motive such as fear of your offer delaying or preventing the chances of their own competing offer.


Its also possible it was removed by a member of the staff because it included text or pictures which they either couldn't understand or thought may contravene their corporate or German legal standards or because it did not have their secret stamp of approval.


You see, without knowing exactly what you wrote on your card or what kind of pictures you added, we cannot even begin to guess what the reason may be.


I would assume that, for reasons of avoiding potential liability issues, their policy would require them to eyeball customer provided content before they accept the implied legal responsibility of publisher.

Their building - their responsibility - their rules.


I suggest that, if you go prepared with a second example to one of the cashiers or floor staff and say, "Eine Frage, bitte. Darf man so eine Angebot selbst an der Pinnwand direkt aufhängen oder muss es zuerst von Sie oder Ihre Chef kontrolliert sein?"  they would probably be able to answer your question and help you further. 


The grammar may well be imperfect but I'm sure they'll understand the meaning; "A question, please. May one hang such an offer directly on the bulletin board oneself or must it first be checked by you or your boss?"  If you're anxious about how to pronounce the words or getting a confusing response you could take that text with you as an aide memoir and let them see it if needs be.





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Thank you!! I will approach a member of staff this second time round before posting. 

Just so you know I posted pictures of a sofa, coffee table and tv stand all on one page. I then just wrote the prices, my name and number on the slip. That's it. By the way the slip had tear off tabs so I wrote my number multiple times so people could tear and go.  

Plus there was another ad by someone else who was selling kitchen cabinets so I thought to myself it's ok to advertise furniture on there. 


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