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Health insurance premiums tax filing

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Hello all, 

     I have a question regarding my tax filing for 2016 and how much I should put in my health insurance amounts.

I had a student insurance until September 2016 and then my status changed as I became a 'Werkstudent' and my

health insurance premium changed. Due to the incompetence of the AOK, they didn't bill me for 4 months while I 

tried hard to take the required amount from me! After the usual back and forth, they finally billed me for the missing

last 3 months of 2016 in January 2017. They sent me my Bescheinigung in February which of course mentioned all

my payments for 2016 and obviously did not include the last 3 months of the year.


I went to the AOK office and they told me that I should only include the amounts i actually paid and not the amounts I would have paid if there was no problem in the billing. Given that these people aren't tax experts, I thought I'd ask some other people here! I tried looking in advance and found nothing regarding this predating of my amounts! 


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