Jobcenter, Freelancing and 5 months homeless

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Hey there,

Would really really appreciate some advice from you lovely people.

I have put all details below in bullet points to make it more clear:

  • Set up as a freelancer in Berlin with help form Jobcenter

  • Moved to districts end of 2016, then got help with rent and a bit extra

  • June 1st 2016, housemate left suddenly owing rent, i got loan from the jobcenter to cover her rent debts, so I would not be evicted.

  • December 2016, was evicted anyhow, even though I paid ex housemates rent debts. One lawyer said to stay, another said to go, or be faced with court costs.

  • January - March 2017, spent 3 months homeless, staying with friends in Berlin, short term rentals, Airbnb etc... none of which, jobcenter will take as expenses!

  • Jobcenter /Sozialamt only offered to cover me staying at at a homeless shelter, where i would not be able to contunue my business

  • Was diagnosed with severe anxiety in March

  • Flew to the U.K. Told Jobcenter I quit them end of March, included doctors letter

  • Still homeless, but will move to a house with a friend in June 2017

  • Jobcenter are demanding i fill out the final WBA forms for Jan - March

  • Income for Jan- March is highest, April and May and summer are very low, Jobcenter will only judge income on Jan - March meaning I will need to pay back approx 400 EUR remaining of ex house maters rent debts and possibly up to 1,500 - 2,000 EUR. 

  • If I have to pay jobcenter back (they wont take rent costs, flights to stay with friends, flight to move some luggage back last month and also costs for driving to Berlin to get the rest of my things in June into account), it will put me heavily in debt and i won't be able to afford to move to a home finally/and will remain homeless.

    Some advice very much appreciated. 


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When did you first move to Germany? How long have you been legally living in Germany making use of your right to Freedom of Movement (i.e. fulling the criteria for Freedom of Movement including comprehensive health insurance)? 


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