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Energy, health, and "lost" Inventions

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I've been doing a lot of research (like omg, so many pages and books) on the subject of energy related devices and lost inventions. I'm interested in meeting with anyone who feels like they have knowledge of the subject. I'm interested in everything from standard energy (Green or otherwise) as well as the more questionable ones like Free Energy devices. I'm a skeptic that wants to believe that things like the Moray or Hans-Color devices were real, and worked based on something we don't understand yet. Information about things like starlite and the Royal Rife machine. I'm avoiding mentioning Tesla, as lately any fantastic device is labled a "tesla machine" and it honestly puts the great man's name to shame how many internet frauds use it.


I would love to talk about various innovations and ideas with other people like me. Ideally it would be great to make devices and test them with someone.


The idea simply being to share information, I suppose it is similar to "hackers" who share information about how to use various electronic devices, except that I want to do it with electromotors, battery chargers, pumps, and other things that humanity should have improved upon already. I feel like so many useful things have been lost, that we need to share information (and the internet isnt always the best way due to the sheer amount of fake nonsense) so that it won't be lost.


So long story short, I would like to meet people who are interested in lost inventions and the search for "free" energy. Somewhere around the frankfurt area is prefered.


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