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self employed tax advice needed

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I´ve been working for a family in Wiesbaden for the last 2 years as gardener/Hausmeister. Since the beginning of April my hours have been redeced to half time.

I have decided to become self-employed as gardener as well, while my boss still pays my social insurances.

I had my own company for over 20 years in England, but obviously things work very differently here.

I have registered and received a Gewerbeschein, and presently waiting for a tax number from the Finanzamt.

I am having problems with understanding Mehrwehrsteuer, Umsatzsteuer, billing etc.

If anyone can offer advice or steer me in the direction of someone that can explain things in layman terms, i would be extremely grateful.

My German is ok, but in a specialist subject, like tax and finance, it is more than lacking.

Many thanks


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