Coeo Inkasso false letter for online payment never made.

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Hello guys,


I just received a letter from Coeo Inkasso saying I made an online payment for Spotify premium account (9,99 Euros) in November 2016 via Klara and now i have to pay a fine of about 73 euros for delayed payment. I never bought a premium Spotify account and I don't use Spotify. I do have a free account though.


So I downloaded the receipt for the payment made from the link they sent me in the letter and I see that the address in the receipt is my old address in Leipzig but I have been living in Berlin now for more than 3 years. Also the IBAN used for payment is not mine. This looks like some kind of a fraud to me. Has anyone experienced the same? How should I go ahead with this? I will call them on Monday but would be nice to some information regarding this.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


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If you put "Coeo Inkasso + Klarna" into and then click on the results shown for the websites Gute Frage and RechtsForum 123 you'll find several discussion threads in German about cases similar to yours.


On Freitag, 31. März 2017, c999 said:

This looks like some kind of a fraud to me. Has anyone experienced the same? How should I go ahead with this? I will call them on Monday but would be nice to some information regarding this.


If you have called them in the meantime I doubt they have told you anything other than to pay their demand in full and if you cannot do so that you may pay in 'comfortable' installments.


According to what I've read about them Coeo's MO is to use threatening tactics to indimidate people into paying more in dunning fees than the German Civil Code BGB  or the ZPO - Code of Civil Procedure allow to be charged for delayed settlements of bills issued by internet payment service companies (like Klarna).


Klarna appear to always claim to have sent 3 reminders to pay although all complainant's posts say they'd only received one Mahnung before the Inkasso action started.


The consensus of opinion amongst the German respondents in every case is to pay no more than the minimum allowed dunning costs for Mahnungen received via the postal route (i.e. ca. €3 plus ca. €2,50 postage plus €0,50 interest) and mark on the Überweisung form (under Kunden-Referenznummer, Verwendungszweck) HF+Post+Zinsen an Coeo re Klarna.


In addition they recommend sending by verified registered post (Einschreiben mit Rückbestätigung) a clear rejection of the demand in total. This should include a denial of permission to store your personal data or to transmit it or report you to any credit information bereaux. Also a warning that you will contest any related court demand for payment. You should also state that you reserve the right to submit an official complaint to the administrative court and to issue a criminal complaint in regard to intimidation if they send you any further threatening letters or other correspondence.


Here's a suggested composition of such a letter in German:


"Ich weise die Forderung vollumfänglich zurück. Ich untersage die Speicherung meiner personenbezogenen Daten und die Meldung an Auskunfteien. Einem gerichtlichen Mahnbescheid werde ich widersprechen. Ich behalte mir bei weiteren Drohbriefen Beschwerde beim Aufsichtsgericht und Strafanzeige wegen Nötigung vor."


^^(May include grammatical errors but I think the meaning is clear enough.)


They say you should anticipate that Ceoeo will send further letters or e-mails but (unless and until a yellow envelope from a court arrives*) that you should not respond to anything they send you at all and that they will eventually stop.


*If you do get a yellow envelope from an Amtsgericht with a Mahnbescheid inside you should respond immediately to avoid the court issuing a title of debt against you because the legality of such claims or the sums demanded are not tested or proven by the court unless contested in court. Be sure to check both boxes on the Widerspruch section of the form so as to object to both the initial sum claimed to be owed and the debt collection costs in full.





Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and none of the above purports to be legal advice. Only a qualfied Rechtsanwalt or Jurist is authorized by law to provide legal advice in Germany.


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Mostly excellent advice from 2B_orNot2B. You could send them a letter as he suggests but with that you've agreed to start playing the game. Me, I'd bin the goddamned letter, maybe scanning it first to have a copy in case they come back and I'm forced to play the game. But that probably won't happen because it's a trawling exercise to find easily scared rubes. They're hoping you don't notice that whatever info they have on you ain't legit -- who the hell carefully checks IBAN numbers? Once you respond, the game is on and they're ready for the next few steps. No response? No worries, lots of other easy fishies out there who will.

Did you even have to sign for the envelope? No? Yeah, fuck 'em. When you have to sign for the letter, present ID, or you get a big yellow envelope from the Amtsgericht, then you can worry for a few seconds. Then you follow the usual advice for dealing with these sorts of companies and their... questionable demands (*cough*Waldorf*thievingscammerfilthonlymyopinion*Frommer*cough*).




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Yeah Coeo is a piece of work. My credit card number got stolen a couple of months ago and my card company noticed the false charges right away and never let them through. Fast forward to last month when I got an bill for a hotel reservation plus a cancellation fee where someone tried to book a hotel with the card. So I wrote back exactly what all those German forums say to, wasn’t me, prove it and delete my data. Another letter with that ‘proof’. A bill from the travel agency with my name on it, another person’s name that I have never met and an old address of mine. Seriously?  So I go this time to the cops to file a report for ‘versuchter Betrug’ against person unknown since I’m not even out any money since the card company never let the charges through. While there I needed the old card number which I did not have any more so called the card company. They were so shocked and appalled that I had to go through all this for proof that this was fraud. They mentioned though I should get legal help. Against the Inkasso or the company that issued invoices due to declined credit card payments, I’m not too sure. So now with my police report let’s hope these lovely people will back off. I’ll update if I ever get a yellow letter....


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Hi  I'm interested of your progress regarding this matter,  I got the letter from coeo inkasso wanting me to pay 71€

 I ordered something online with klarna payment but I never get any info where to send that money,

 So when I got a post from Klarna I right away transferred my payment, Then few weeks later I got the letter from coeo inkasso.

 I told them I paid already the amount of 17.59 with interest to Klarna, they ask me to send the Kontoauszug which I did by email. I thought it was already settled but I got emails again.

Saying it's not enough. I then found out Klarna send back the money I sent to them.

 What should I do? Please help. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you in Advanve..


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