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english speaking actors and actresses in Berlin

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I am looking for some arty types, wanne be thespians or experienced actors who SPEAK NATIVE ENGLISH for a low budget audio recording of a screenplay for an animated feature film. Budget is modest (ahem) but there is the real possibility of those cast getting the final speaking roles for the film when production budget is in place. Specifically, I am looking for:

A woman with a refined, almost posh english accent, (20 to 35 yrs)

An australian man (20 to 40yrs), burly, fun

A boy, ideally accent free english (8 to 14 yrs)

A man (45 to 60 yrs), possibly camp, edgey and able to do cruel and calculating

A man (40 to 60) able to do a texan accent

A teenage girl (12 to 16), accent irrelevant

Someone who can do bird noises!


As we are putting together the sales package before bringing other partners on board, we are initially only talking pocket money for 2 or 3 evenings in a berlin sound studio. The film is a childrens animated feature. Those who participate in the recording but don´t make the actual cast later down the line will still receive a credit as well as their initial payment. If anyone is interested in doing a relaxed casting over a coffee in a berlin bar somewhere, please call me (Ruby) on 0171 6016200 or drop me an email:

thank you!


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