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Johnson has just resigned as PM


He didn't have much choice since most of the members of his government had already quit


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See the source image


I`m sure most people have seen this.

I do not find the act of the finger particularly offensive and if someone did it to me I´d just give the same back.

However, to me, it seems to personify the downturn in respect politicians seemingly hold for the public in the UK (Which seems to have started and gone further in the US).

If this had been a footballer doing it there would have been questions asked in parliament with the Torys at the forefront.

If she was a celebrity, sportsperson, musician or whatever then I really would not have a problem with it but politicians have to be held to a higher standard than any of those.

Would people be ok with a teacher doing this to the kids in their class (although often I should imagine the little buggers would deserve it)?

What about if a cop did it?


Politicians need to be held to a higher standard than everyone else in the public eye. These are the people whose hands you put your future in.

We are definitely seeing the dumbing down of politics.


It also shows the popularity of whataboutism. This is dismissed because another politician on the other side did something similar or worse a while ago.

FFS is it not possible for both things to be wrong?


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