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8 hours ago, cb6dba said:

What is going to happen? Invade Afghanistan to hunt the attackers down?

I'd ask G.W. Bush what to do, he took us in there in the first place.

Well the ahem "reason" the US went in originally was because of 911 and the Taliban supporting Al Qaeda.

However now Al Qaeda have been almost wiped out by ISIS who are also sworn enemies of the Taliban it is going to turn into an incredible shit show over there.

The best thing NATO etc can do is to keep the fuck out of there.


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I have to commend Boris for biting the bullet and raising taxes to release the burden of care cost from individuals and put some, if perhaps not quite enough, additional funding in the NHS. It has been a long time coming, the governments over the last 30 years or so just faffed about on the ever growing social care problem while the austerity measures of the former Tory leadership made things even worse!




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The Justice Department announced Thursday that it is suing Texas over the state’s new law banning most abortions.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said the Texas law is “clearly unconstitutional” and includes an “unprecedented scheme” to insulate the state from responsibility...



the rest


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