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2 hours ago, Wulfrun said:


Jesus fucking christ.

Anyone who believed when Johnson said his deal meant no checks between GB and NI wanted to be deceived.

A politician should try to tell the truth.

It´s ok for the PM to lie in parliament because he has a big majority and he and no one else gives a fuck.

Plus that bloke admitted the GE was about Brexit and nothing else mattered or is important.







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Foreign secretary Dominic Raab rejects calls to quit over Afghan interpreters


Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has rejected calls to quit after claims he should have personally intervened to help evacuate Afghan interpreters.


Mr Raab was advised to phone his Afghan counterpart for urgent support - but it's understood the job was given to a junior minister.

Opposition parties say this was an error of judgement that put interpreters' lives at risk.


Asked in Downing Street if he would resign, Mr Raab replied: "No".


Earlier this week, newspaper reports suggested the foreign secretary was seen relaxing on a beach on the Greek island of Crete on Sunday - the day Taliban militants entered Kabul, Afghanistan's capital.


Mr Raab said that while he was away he had been directing his team and engaging with international partners.


Mr Raab was advised by senior Foreign Office officials on Friday he should make contact with Afghan Foreign Minister Hanif Atmar to get urgent assistance in rescuing Afghan interpreters who had worked for the British military


Officials said it was important the call was made by him rather than a junior minister - but they were told Mr Raab was unavailable.



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22 hours ago, Wulfrun said:

Seems like another example of this govts aloofness and living in Ivory towers.

Why would he speak directly to riff raff thats what he has his underlings for :)


Afghanistan seems yet another shining example of this govts let´s ignore the problems and hope when the time comes they go away,just like they did with Brexit.


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