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Freelance English Teaching Project in 30900 Wedemark (Meitze) Hannover Area

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Hi All,

I am currently looking for a trainer who would be interested in taking on 1 or 2 groups (still to be defined) for in-house corporate English training at our client’s office in 30900 Wedemark (Meitze).

At this time, we do not know the student levels as they still need to be level-tested. However, the client only wishes to do that once we have a few possible trainers lined up. What I do know at this moment is that all students are automotive engineers. The course(s) should be on Friday afternoons after 13:00 (but can also start later). After the level test, we would be able to ascertain whether it would be one or two groups.

The course(s) will not have a course book as the client has requested a customized course, with topics requested by the students (to be determined in the needs analysis section of the level assessment, which is still to take place).

If you or someone you know might be interested in this project, kindly send a CV and expected rate per 45 minute teaching unit of which might be 2-4 per week (as each group will have 1 X 90 minute lesson per week) depending on whether we will end up with one or two groups, to At this stage, the contract is still being discussed in terms of how many lessons the course will have, it should be either 20 or 40 X 90 minute lessons per group. Please note that your rate per teaching unit should include your preparation time and printing costs as well as travel time, but it should exclude actual travel expenses as we reimburse these separately and additionally to the rate per teaching unit.

Very much looking forward to hearing from you and until then, have a great rest of the week!

Best Regards,

Lauren Butler-Jost

English Training Manager

EnglishCrossroads Ltd.


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