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Hello everyone.


I'm from Malaysia and I finished my secondary school here in Malaysia. After some research, I found out that my secondary school certificate (SPM) is not even sufficient to apply for studienkollegs. So, now I am considering to study the Cambridge International A level. Right now, I'm looking into German universities that have medicine studies (I've emailed quite a number of them) like Heidelberg uni, RWTH Aachen, LMU Munich and a few more. As you can see these are some of the top universities that offer Medicine studies... And I know the competition to get in is very high, especially not being a citizen of an EU country (was like like less than 5%?) but if I don't try, I would never know right? 


So, I need help, for example

1. What are the best subject combination for CIE A-level? From DAAD Malaysia, it seems like Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and a language subject are necessary.

-The thing about DAAD Malaysia, I feel like their information is outdated. They told me that A level English Literature subject are accepted by the unis in Germany, but when I searched the net, I found a recent document uploaded by Cambridge International saying that Literature will not be accepted. (Therefore, I do not know how much info I receive from DAAD Malaysia can be used)

-the subject combination, if I were to do all the subjects mentioned to A2 level, will that be sufficient to most universities? Or does physics have to be in the picture too?

-in Malaysia, the colleges do not seem to offer A levels English subject. only English literature (I have no idea why!) so it's either I do English subject as an external subject or if any of you have done something else that worked? Such as taking the IELTS? 


Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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