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Dear all, I will be starting my PhD at RWTH Aachen in April 2017. I will also be working at the professorship/Lehrstuhl at 50% TV-L E.

I am currently working as a research assistant at the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies. I have completed my MA from Uni Freiburg, and earn about 900+ euros netto per month.

I have recently viewed and reserved an apartment in Aachen, and I have received a letter from them requesting for documents in order to proceed with the contract.

The documents are as follows:

- Kopie Personalausweis oder Reisepass (von allen Vertragspartnern)

- Kopie Einkommensnachweis (Kopie letzte 3 Nettoeinkommender Familie, Bafög, Kindergeld, usw.)

- Original der Wohnberechtigungsbescheinigung (WBS) oder Freistellung

- Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertung (juristische Person) oder Steuererklärung

- Gewerbeschein (Handels-/Vereinregister)

- Bürgschaft für Mietzahlungen inklusive Nachweis Bonität bzw. Einwilligung zur Bonitätsprüfung des Bürgen

- Übernahmererklärung des Sozialamtes/ARGE für Mietzahlungen und Direktüberweisung

- Abtritts- bzw. Garantieerklärung des Sozialamtes/ARGE zur Übernahme der Kaution

- Werkszuweisung (durch Belegungsberechtigten) oder Freistellung

- Aufenthaltsgenehmigung

- Nachweis der Wohnsinn-Berechtigung


I know German but as this is to do with the contract, I wish to be more careful and aware of what is required from me. Would anyone help to translate the above and perhaps provide some details about how I could get these documents? (And of of course, I have my Personalausweis :))


Thank you for very much in advance and I look forward to your advice!


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Are you on some sort of welfare/income support? Many of the documents your prospective landlord is asking for are guarantees from the authorities that they are going to pay your rent and deposit. I presume this is because your landlord thinks that your income is insufficient for you to afford the apartment. What's your exact situation? What does he know about you already? Your profile says you are from Singapore. Are you a permanent resident in Germany? If you aren't I can't imagine you getting the documentation that's being required of you as you might not be eligible for housing or income support. You might have to let go of the flat and look for a Wohngemeinschaft (roommates).


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Hi Smaug, thanks for your reply.

I was on a student visa from 2013 until Sep 2016, during which I completed my MA at Uni Freiburg as a full-time student. 

Since Sep 2016, I have been on a job search visa. During that time I liaised with professors and attended conferences, and looked out for PhD opportunities.

In addition, I've been working as a HiWi since Sep 2015 (during my studies) and will continue to work in the same position (research assistant; wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft) until March 2017, when I will move to Aachen, where I will begin my PhD and work in the Lehrstuhl of my Doktorvater from April 2017 onwards. For this position, I will have a three-year contract, which can be extended if the research requires it.

The Vonovia agent who showed me the apartment did not know much about me. I brought my documents and showed them to him, but he said he would reserve the apartment for me and I could send the documents to the company once I have received this letter from the company.

The agent knew I am not and will not be on welfare/income support. He knew that I would have a job and have a job now too. I think the form I have received is a generic one sent to everyone who has reserved an apartment through the company.

After I made this post, a couple of my friends mentioned that since I will have a job at the RWTH Aachen starting from April, I just have to show the company my contract (which I have not yet received but have prompted the university to send me), my Personalausweis, my visa, and my income slips from the past three months. I would like to be sure that I would not have to look for the other documents, which I don't really understand or know where to look for them.

I am thus wondering if I really do not have to go to the different offices to ask for the documents (which are not relevant to me), or if the aforementioned documents would suffice. It would also be interesting to find out if people are generically asked by such companies/agents to send in all those documents, even if the prospective tenant is employed and these documents are not relevant to him/her?

Thanks again, Smaug. I look forward to your advice.


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