Brexit: The fallout

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2 minutes ago, Wulfrun said:

The pound 'surged' to €1.11 following Johnson's parliamentary defeat...


That's the infamous Johnson Spurt. Notoriously sticky.


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5 hours ago, tor said:


Evening, beast! Pic of the day!!!


In a generation or two, people will no longer bother to look at the Mona Lisa!! This will be " I wonder what it was like in 2019!


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A reminder of all the Brexiteers who appeared in the Paradise Papers as EU tax avoidance legislation looms



Question: What does Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, Brexit financier Arron Banks and right-wing media owners Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay have in common?


You might think the answer is simple; they’re all hugely influential pro-Leave backers. But the reality is far more sinister.


All of the aforementioned personalities were caught up in the Paradise Papers leak in 2017.


Rees-Mogg, who took up the position of Leader of the House of Commons under Boris Johnson’s administration, was found to have pocketed $680,000 while working for an offshore investment firm.


While Aaron Banks, who donated £8.5 million to Nigel Farage and his campaign to leave Europe, is part owner of a bank on the Isle of Man which turns over millions of pounds a year.


The Barclay brothers, owners of the Daily Telegraph, were found to have interests in Bermuda-based Reid Finance Ltd, and both Andrea Leadsom’s husband and brother-in-law were caught up in the scandal.


Although there’s nothing new in finding high-profile political personalities with dubious financial pasts, it does raise a question over their motivations for leaving the European Union.



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Schadenfreude now biggest UK import from EU /s



TELL ME ABOUT YOUR MOTHER (OF PARLIAMENTS) : LATEST UK – EU TRADE figures reveal a sudden BOOM in German exports to UK as political crisis engulfs the current administration drunkenly fumbling its way to disaster at 10 Downing Street.


Key political analysts in the UK were predicting a surge in import of the famous German commodity upon the taking of office of proper Brexiters.



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