Irish Language Courses in Hamburg - Spring 2017

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A Chairde!

Following the success of our primer course in Autumn, Hamburg-Irish and Hamburg GAA are happy to extend the offer of new Irish courses commencing in February. Our first course was enthusiastically attended, although somewhat threw attendees of vastly varying levels together. Starting in February, we are aiming to provide two courses, one for absolute beginners and one for those who did some Irish in school and have perhaps forgotten most of it.

Irish Gaelic is an official language of the E.U. and is studied and practiced by millions worldwide. Interest in the language has been steadily growing - a recent report showed that Irish is one of the top 10 languages on learning platform Duolingo (with 2.3 million active Irish learners alone). Our course offers a physical place to meet others and practice under the tutelage of an experienced Irish teacher. It costs €60 for 15 1-hour lessons, which is considerably cheaper than any Volkshochschule courses.

Please be sure to let others know about the course and get in touch with me directly at or email about registering.



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