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Hi everyone,


I'm moving to Heilbronn at the start of next year because of a new job. I don't know anyone in the area, and was hoping to get to know some people.

Does anyone know of any English speaking groups in or around Heilbronn? I'm particularly interested in finding a group of board games and RPGs (especially D&D, but open to trying others).

I'm also open to more general get togethers for things like drinks, movies etc.





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I had answered on the other thread related to Heilbronn, where you posted the same question.

Look for the "Heilbronner's of Leisure " group in facebook. We are a large group and are quite active, meeting usually once every other week. Otherwise hop over to Irish Pub in the city centre and you should find a few internationals there weekend nights. If you cannot find anyone, ask the owner(a short bald headed guy with thick Northern English accent) of the Pub.

Can't speak much about board games as this quite a very specific interest. The German speaking Facebook group "Neu in Heilbronn" has some board-game players who meet often(I am told), and are quite active. Otherwise "" has a group of people interested in games in heilbronn.




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