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Hi, my family (myself, husband and our two young sons) are looking at the possibility of moving to Potsdam at the start of 2017.  We would be moving for a job opportunity for my husband.  We are currently living in South Western Germany (south of Stuttgart). I know nothing about northern Germany and would love any insight into the Potsdam area.  The new job would be located in Potsdam and I we would prefer to live near the job and not in a large city (i.e. Berlin).  I am an avid biker and my two sons are Kindergarten age.  I primarily am interested in knowing the following:


- What areas of Potsdam are best for a young family?  (i.e. walkability, access to Kitas and schools, bike paths and easy public transportation options)

- What is the average cost of living in Potsdam (yes, I know this is a hard one...)

   i.e.    What is the avg rent for a three bedroom house with a garden?



Thanks for any advice / information / opinions, etc!




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