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Based on the success of our recent Munich Groundings-fest tour we are delighted to offer a similar tour during this last week of Oktoberfest:

Dare you join Hans von Spanker and friends and discover the awful truth about:

  • The Black Death and other nasties

  • Medieval architecture and defences

  • Infamous witch trials

  • Traditions and folklore

  • Ancient burial rites

  • Why was beer so important? (You get to sample an authentic medieval brew)

  • And much more besides...

"Munich Macabre" departs from Mary´s Column at 5.15, directly after the Glockenspiel and ends around 7.45 (at the latest) in the Vicky Market.

 Reservations not needed – but a PM or a comment on here to state your interest is appreciated (Plus this way we know how much beer to bring)

 How Much?

 Adults €15

 Concessions* €13

*Applies to students (of any age) senior citizens, serving or ex-military and first responders

Please note that some of the content of this tour may not be suitable for very young children or those of a sensitive disposition

dai shame mask.jpg

danse macabre 1.jpg



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20 hours ago, Metall said:

What!!?! Police! Give me their hotel address, we'll get it back!

Wish I could :-(


Anyways, I am not gonna let this get me down - we are running tonight, just minus the Medieval armour and swords bit


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Due to it being a bit wet today, no tour this evening - some of our original ancient artefacts do not like the wet (Never mind our guides).

Since tomorrow is the the last day of the Wiesn we will take advantage of this and try and grab some last bevvies - so we wrap up our tours for the moment.  


We hope to offer something grisly for Halloween and later over the Yule period. Watch this space... 




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