Any experiences of BA Immobilienwirtschaft and future prospects?

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At 15, I know it's early days for my daughter to consider future studies though I thought it a good idea that her class were tasked to come up with some ideas over the school holidays and present their findings when they return to school.


It's doesn't seem 5 minutes ago when the friendship books were passed around class and ambitions often included acting, pop star, racing driver, astronaut and the like. :rolleyes:


As parents, we're not pushy to 'do' something sensible. I wanted to study art though was coerced into something much more sensible!


After much deliberation, research  and my recent explanations of the cost of living and ever increasing competition for jobs, my daughter has come up with a couple of areas of interest.  The most prominent being a Duales Studium - BA Immobilienwirtschaft.  Having read the current candidate profile, she's likely to tick all boxes together with strong language skills at Abitur level.  


She has searched potential jobs and future income though the websites she found were fairly vague.  Does anyone have any experience of this study and the likely variety of jobs that it can lead to? Is the future income potential good in general? Is anyone an employer looking for this level of qualification ? Any advice would be very much appreciated. 


Many thanks in anticipation. 




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