anybody in Tuttlingen or the neigbourhood who wants to hangout?

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Hallo there,

I am 38 years old gentleman, Lebanese, work as an Engineer and I have recently moved to Tuttlingen due to my work. I am looking for english-speaking people to socialize with, establish friendship and do activities together.
Tuttlingen is small compared to where I was working earlier in Germany. But I still hope to find an international community here as well.
I like travelling, reading (particularly philosophy and history), photography, chess and socializing with nice people. I am a wine drinker but I certainly enjoy a "Hefe-weißen" beer as well :-)
If anybody out there in Tuttlingen or the neighbouring villages is interested in a meet up, please let me know. otherwise please advise where can I meet english-speaking people.
hope to hear from you.
have a nice day.


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