Unemployment and pregnancy

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I have been working in Germany for 4 years now, There is a chance I could take a risk and take a contract that is only 6 months with in the same company for a job I really want, but that means maybe not having a job in 6 months.
My quesitons:

1) If I am pregnant even on a fixed contract are they able to not renew me? or will they be forced to?

2) If I am on unemploment and then get pregnant How does unemployment work?  I would be entitled to unemployment but for how long?
3) After I had the baby would the unemployment change to Mutterschaftsgeld? would I even entitled to this?
4) How long do I keep my public insurance for after I am unemployed? though this isn't a big concern for me as I have private insurance as well through my husband. 
Thanks for any help that you can provide or further information or links.

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