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Emergency telephone numbers

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On 5/17/2016, 2:35:38, yourkeau said:



The equivalent of 911 is 112, the EU wide emergency number.


Depending on location, 112 will either forward you to some emergency dispatch center or to local fire department or to local police. They will depending on the situation send all other services required. Also if you don't speak the local language, dialing 112 rather than local emergency number increases the probability that you will be connected to an English speaker.


In Germany other numbers are the following:


110 - emergency police number. In case of minor cases like Ruhestörung it is recommended to call your local station number;


116 117 - non emergency medical number. Should be called outside normal working hours of your local Hausarzt. In case of emergency 112 should be dialed!


22833 - pharmacy emergency number. If you need some drugs but your local pharmacy is closed, this is what to call.


116116 - credit card/SIM card lock number. If your phone/credit cards were stolen and you don't remember the number of your bank, call this. I think they also block Aufenthaltstitel/insurance cards, but not sure.


+49 800 - 6 888 000 - federal police. Should be called if something happens on the train, railway station or airport.


+49 221 - 91749939 - air service of German Red Cross. Should be called from abroad when you need a transport to Germany from some remote country where medical service is scarse or of poor standard. Note, that you need to have a travel insurance otherwise they will charge you a hefty sum. Be sure that your insurance will cover this transportation.


124124 - sea rescue. Don't know anything about it.


Poison emergency numbers:


030 - 19240
Bonn 0228 - 19240
Erfurt 0361 - 730730
Freiburg 0761 - 19240
Göttingen 0551 - 19240
Homburg/Saar 06841 - 19240
Mainz 06131 - 19240
München 089 - 19240




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