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Hi everyone! I'm looking to start an expat/immigrant/foreigner/"probably also Germans" football group here in Hamburg, playing weekly in a park around town, probably on a weekday evening. All still to be decided.

All levels of ability, all sexes, all nationalities etc. are welcome to join. No participation fee, it will be bare bones, jumpers for goalpost type stuff!
If interested, please join here https://www.facebook.com/groups/969048909811222/




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I am the Captain of a football team in London and we are on a football tour of Hamburg. Unfortunately some of the teams we were due to face have cancelled on us at the last minute. We were wondering whether you would like to play us in a 5 aside game sometime between the 13th-17th July. We are free at the following times. Just an hour will do and we can ever have a beer afterwards:


Thursday 13th July: 1600-2200

Friday 14th July: 0900-1800

Saturday 15th July: 0900-1200

Sunday 16th July: 0900:-1100

Monday 17th July: 0900-1400


We really hope that you can play against us. Thanking you in advance.


Best wishes,


Walter Johnson


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