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Names on housing contract

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My family and I are moving to Munich. The company I work for offers a rent allowance. However they have just let me know that if my other half's name is on the rental contract,  I will only get half of the allowance. This would be fine if he was working but he will be looking after 2 pre-school kids and not earning any money to contribute to rent (seems a slightly strange rule to me that a single person could keep the whole allowance but a family has theirs halved)


To get around this, we are now considering asking for the housing contract (in preparation at the moment) to be put in my name only. Can anyone for see a problem with my OH not having his name on the contract -we are not married but have been together for over a decade. Would he need his name on there for any reason -registration, finding a job eventually etc?




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That's not a problem, go ahead and do the rental contract just in your name.


When registering your address at a Bürgerbüro, you'll need:

  1. one filled-in registration document with your name
  2. your passport
  3. your rental contract (which has to contain: address of the apartment, your full name, the start of the rental period, the full name and address of the landlord)


When he and your children register at the Bürgerbüro, they will need:

  1. one filled-in registration document, listing those 3 names
  2. their passports
  3. one filled-in and signed form Bestätigung des Wohnungsgebers, which you as the tenant sign. It contains: your name and apartment address, the landlord's name and address, again the address of the flat and the 3 names of your partner and children. You (as the person "giving" them space in your apartment) sign this form.

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