Reply to Health Insurance in Germany - possible to be covered by spouse's employer?

By PandaMunich,
14% is the "ermäßigter Beitragssatz"  + 0.6% are the part for getting sick pay from the 43rd day of illness.  + 1% is the Zusatzbeitrag, which differs across public health insurers _______________________________________ = 15.6% for public health insurance   If you opt to get money from the Krankenkasse from the 43rd day off sick, it's 15.6% public health insurance + 2.6% nursing insurance if you don't have a child. 2.35% if you do), in total 18.2%.   If you don't opt for that it would be 15% public health insurance + 2.6% nursing insurance if you don't have a child. 2.35% if you do), in total 17.6%.   However, public health insurance assumes for self-employed a minimum income (= profit) that rises each year (details in here) of: 30/40 * Bezugsgröße = 0.75 * 2,905€ (in 2016) = 2,178.75€   Let's put all details together, for the case that you don't opt to get sick pay from the 43rd day of illness, you would pay as a self-employed in Techniker Krankenkasse at least: (14% + 1% Zusatzbeitrag + 2.6%) * (30/40 * Bezugsgröße) = 17.6% * 2,178.75€ = 383.46€ per month   ******************************   Or you could just use Techniker's contribution calculator :
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