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German Italian elementary school will have a Gymnasium as of next year

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Dear all,

the school as just started and for some it is not yet time to think about next year, but in case you are thinking ahead and collecting info,  I just wanted to share this one.


I thought of sharing a good news to us in case helpful to others.



The German Italian bilingual school in Obersendling, named Leonardo da Vinci, that my daughter is happily attending since 2 years, will continue through the Gymnasium as of next year.


On October 8 at 18.30, the school will publically present the program.


In case of interest,here the info (sorry in German) I have copied from the website


Infoabend Donnerstag 8. Oktober 2015, 18.30

Infoabend für das bilinguale deutsch-italienische Ganztagsgymnasium Leonardo da Vinci

Eine Betreuung für die Kinder ist organisiert

U-Bahn-Station Obersendling

Wir freuen uns auf Sie und beatworten gerne Ihre Fragen!


Baierbrunnerstrasse 28 – 81379 München (Obersendling) – Tel: 089 78749383 –



Hope the info is useful to someone.




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