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Hi, few days back I tried to withdraw money from Deutsche bank ATM, even though the transaction was completed, the money did not come out. I immediately called the helpline number and informed them ( it was late evening on Friday). I had gone to the Bank next week to inform them as the money was withdrawn from my account.


I was told that they would check and inform me, few days later the bank informed, the money was indeed withdrawn and it was a trap by someone to block the money from coming out and was told to inform the police. I have now informed the police and they will now check by using the cameras. 


However i I have no answer yet if I would get my money back. Can someone tell me how this process would pan out..





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Only Deutsche Bank can tell you what their policy is in these cases.


I would write to the bank and ask them to refund your account, as you didn't receive the money you tried to withdraw. If you don't ask they might not be bothered with your case.


If they refuse, I would persist. They might spin the case as you having been robbed (and hence, it's your problem), but you could spin it as a case of them being robbed as the cash was never in your possession and it was their machine that got tampered with. I hope that you don't have to get into a dispute with them though. Good luck!




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