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Startup & Tech Community in Goettingen

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There's much to love about Göttingen, not the least of which is the natural beauty and rich history. Did you know there is also an exciting and growing tech and startup scene? Did you realize you can be part of it? 

I love travelling to Munich and Hamburg for conferences, meetups, and Startup Weekend, but have longed for some groups closer to home where I could meet with like-minded people for collaboration and commiseration - in German and English. Are you in that camp too?

Two groups you should check out:

  1. Startup Goettingen meets on Thursdays at Cafe Inti: 
  2. Toastmasters Goettingen meets every other Tuesday - location varies, but often Bullerjahn:  

And one last thing for the ladies: if you're at all interested in dipping your toes in tech (as in you want to build something cool on the web yourself - anything - with a group of rock star girls and women), register your interest to bring Rails Girls to Goettingen. The workshops are free and totally fun. You can sign up (no commitment, no spam) here:

Here's to building an even better community for all of us!



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