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DOD civilian health insurance and doctors

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I am headed over to Landstuhl in the next couple of months, with my wife and my 8 month son. I am trying to determine which insurance I should be looking in to when I come over. Would it be worth it to be with Blue cross Blue shield and pay a higher premium for more coverage or go with the high Foreign Service benefit plan which is cheaper but less coverage (not a lot less)?

Should I use the military for medical services? Pediatrician, doctor, dentist and dermatologist or use the doctors on economy? I heard that I should use the doctors on economy, pay upfront and get reimbursed as the health care cost will be cheaper.

Are there a lot of English speaking German doctors by Landstuhl?

How is BCBS with making claims from overseas?

My main concern is a good pediatrician for my son and a dermatologist for myself.

You can see the plan comparisons here:

Plan Link


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