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I registered for last Autumn, but didn't log in for a while and am now locked out.

After requesting new login details, I got the following automated reply by email

da Sie sich seit mindestens 3 Monaten nicht in der JOBBÖRSE [...] angemeldet haben, 
wurden Ihre Daten zur Löschung vorgemerkt.

Wenn Sie weiterhin die Dienste der JOBBÖRSE in Anspruch nehmen 
möchten, melden Sie sich bitte innerhalb der nächsten 10 Monate in 
der JOBBÖRSE an. 

Fair enough (seems a bit strict, but there you go). Problem is, there doesn't seem to be any obvious way to re-activate my current login details, even though I am still well within the 10 month period. The Online Hilfe doesn't make it clear whether I can continue to use my current ID, or do I have to re-register completely with a new username/password etc. 

Anyone else been through this? No problem understanding German, but maybe I've missed something obvious on the site! Please advise...




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