Looking for a yurt rental company for a wedding

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Hi everyone,


I wonder if you might be able to help. My fiance and I got engaged in a yurt recently and we would absolutely love to also do the wedding in one, but I am not having any luck trying to find a company in Germany that would rent a yurt out for this purpose. I am from the UK, and found a website that provides 'wedding yurts' in the UK where they provide the whole shebang with decorations, bar-yurt etc etc, and this would be ideal.. other than its obviously in the wrong country, but even if we could even just rent a yurt without the trimmings, that would be great.


I would also be grateful for any ideas for other alternative, perhaps outdoor, wedding venues in the Nürnberg/Regensburg area if anyone has any!


Thank you very much in advance,



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