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Retiring but staying as a DAC

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I'm a military spouse (prior military) residing here in Germany with my husband and children. My husband is retiring "now". He expressed his interest to stay here in Germany to his unit and was offered a civilian position with his unit doing the same thing at the same desk. They "edited" the position so that it was tailored to suit his situation (ie local hire, etc) and released it when he was in the window and could apply for the job. Once this was done and the ball got rolling, we had approximately 2 months before we had to be cleared from government housing. So naturally we began house hunting. Housing offered us a couple of private rental options. The first one we looked at was perfect and close to post! Yay! That problem was solved quickly. No worries there.


Well here are the things that have been happening. Forgive the length, but I just need to vent and hopefully someone who has gone through this might share their experience:


Job offer

My husband received the initial job offer from CPAC several weeks after he should have. He found out that his chief had not sent the paperwork up as he claimed he did. It took his supervisor and commander to pull strings to figure this out. We had tried to walk into CPAC after that and ask if they could check on it. They quickly turned us away and told him to submit and email to the address listed on the job announcement. It turns out that it was "stuck in their system". Something that could have been resolved when we walked in had they just looked it up. Then today, my husband shows me an email where his division chief had been emailed TWICE regarding his employment from CPAC and not replied until now...asking my husband to come see him to clarify what is already stated in the email. More time to waste... So we still have no final job offer although they have verbally told him he is the only hire.



In order to receive LQA, CPAC told my husband that he had to retrieve memos from transportation stating that he did not use any of his military benefits to fly back to the States or ship HHG upon retiring, So he asked CPAC what could be done about moving our HHG from government housing to our new private rental. He was told it would be a low cost move and that he would not have to pay for it. He was told to type a memo and have his commander sign off on it, then housing, then the Garrison Commander. It took his commander a week and a half because he wanted to know who was paying for the move. Even after my husband got assurance from the housing office that the unit does not pay for it, the Commander still sat on it contacting an advisor on another post where they have different policies and using those policies to argue the facts. Once my husband made it impossible for him to argue anymore, it was sent to housing where the housing director flat out denied the request! Then he refused to specify why or even speak with us on the phone. We had to schedule an appointment five days later with him. At the appointment my husband explained the situation to him, showing him the supplement to the regulation, etc. Ahhhhh, then he understood! But all that was already documented in the memo! Did he not read it??? He apologized and said that he would get the memo signed and send it on up to Garrison ASAP. He understood that we were in a time crunch because once this got approved, we would still have to schedule transportation to move our HHG. Little did we know that would take a week to sign. *sigh*


European Out

This one should be easy right? No. My husband had his supervisor call to check what was taking so long... Turns out they needed more documents. But they never requested it. When were they planning on letting us know?! A co-worker submitted his about the same time and got his back two weeks ago.


So, we have to clear our house by April 30th. We still have no transportation lined up. My husband had to cancel plane tickets and HHG appointments in order to properly accept the position and receive LQA. We are due to sign the rental contract on our house on Friday. His retirement lunch is this week as well. He starts clearing in two days.


Am I stressing for nothing? Is this normal procedure? I would think that his commander and others involved would try to move things along based on the fact that they know he's retiring and keeping in mind how European outs work. But instead, they'd rather drag their feet and stress us out. If they didn't want to hire him, they shouldn't have offered! If they are going to hire him get on with it already. I'm beyond upset right now. Any insight, words of wisdom, or comforting stories would be welcomed! I just have a feeling this is going to end with us on a plane back to the States. They wouldn't string us along like that would they?


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