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Hello all,


New to this forum so I'm hoping you guys can help. A bit about myself: I'm still young at 22 and wanting to move to Germany Bayreuth area. I'm currently studying a Degree in Computing, mainly server, its languages and business needs etc. I will finish this degree next April and trying to plan for when I want to come over.

I have a girlfriend over there, native German. My German speaking skills are still fairly beginner though I can create conversations about myself or interests and what I want to do etc but will be studying and taking classes constantly till next April, also am thinking about taking classes whilst I am over there.


My problem area is that I was primarily thinking about doing a Masters but now thinking about just working over there. as I'm from UK I know I don't need a visa or work permit but I'm not sure where to look or what kind of jobs I would be looking at. I'm looking for anything really, not just computing, reason being I'm not a fan of England or its people and I want to move to Germany as I like the place, the culture, the people and for experience.


So if there's anyone that can advise me or give me guidance of where to look and what to look out for, much appreciated.


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Perhaps you may want to inquire with:


W. Markgraf GmbH & Co KG

OHG Transgourmet GmbH & Co.

Ratbacher GmbH


or better yet, check out the link below.


BTW: Bayreuth is a nice sized town (70,000+)


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