Language tandem English-German (Berlin/Potsdam)

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I'm looking for an English native speaker to brush up my English. I'm a German native speaker (female,39 years), work as a musician and foreign language clerk and just moved to Werder.

I'm interested in sports in general, I love rollerblading, going by bike and I also did Iaido for some time. Unfortunately it doesn't fit into my timetable anymore but I'm still interested in such "topics" and I love vineyard philosophy ...even if I don't drink much and mostly prefer tea :)


Please email me if you like to practise German - I'm glad to help, no matter which level, for private purposes or if you like to prepare for a job interview or other professional occasions:


Looking forward to hearing from you!




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I'm a native speaker of American English. I speak German too but still have lots of problems with my grammar. No idea if you're still interested in a language exchange but if you are just let me know.


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