Nest thermostat in Germany

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6 hours ago, AnswerToLife42 said:

If you bought a new house it should already have a controller for the underfloor heating.

Its a new Build. We start in June..  That's why I was of under the assumption that (other than the varying voltages, which initially I'll admit completely crossed my mind) that I'd pick the underfloor heating system that works with the Thermostat I wanted to use. 


6 hours ago, AnswerToLife42 said:

If you think you could switch the heating off during the night and only let it run during the day, forget it.

I was actually of the idea to do the complete opposite.. With the motion sensors built in and that come as extra with the Ecobee, to have the heating just switch off completely when no one is home and vice versa only heat the rooms as needed..


 The Ecobee also has geo-fencing capabilities so I thought to set a boundary of lets say a kilometer around the house so the when we were on the way home, the house would start to warm up... 


6 hours ago, AnswerToLife42 said:

No fancy controllers are necessary.....We normally go on holidays in winter and reduce the room temperatures to 15°C. Three days before our arrival a friend increses the settings to 22°C.

Well the idea is that we can do this sort of stuff ourselves via an app... even better would be for the system to do it itself, which is what its designed to do actually (admittedly though with Airconditioning HVAC systems), but the obvious time it takes for an underfloor heating system to heat up is one that I seem to have under estimated :(


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